Frequently Asked Questions

1How long have you been in business?
Twin City Garage Doors has been in business since October 1st 2019. We are a small local owned garage door company that services, Pfafftown, Clemmons, Winston Salem and other surrounding areas.
2How long does it take to complete a job?
The average service repair is anywhere between 1-2 hours. If it is an installation, it can be a little bit longer. Our crew is professional and efficient and will complete the job in no time!
3How much will my garage door/repair cost?
The average garage door repair will cost around $250 dollars. Although, this depends on the extent of the repair is needed. There are some repairs that can cost less than a hundred dollars! Give us a call today and we are happy to give you a free estimate!
4What materials are garage doors made of?
The garage doors that I currently have in stock is typically metal base. It is easy to clean, maintain and is practical for your home!
5How important is insulation in a garage door?
If your garage is used as a livable area such as a den, office, etc. I recommend insulation! It will help protect your belongs within your garage!
6How do I clean my pre-finished steel garage door?
The best way to clean these metal doors is to simply use a pressure washer once a year. There are plenty of local and small business pressure washing companies to hire around the Winston-Salem, area to help you clean your garage door if you don't have a pressure washer.
7How often should my overhead garage door be serviced?
You should have your garage door and motor serviced at least once every two years. I recommend once a year to help all parts and maintenance up to date to lengthen the life of your garage door!
8How long should my garage door springs last?
The average garage door spring will generally last 8-10 years depending on how often you use your door.
9How do I tell if the garage door spring is balanced properly?
If your garage door is properly balanced then it will be easy to lift with one hand. Another way to tell is when it is lifted few inches of the ground you should be able to let go and the door should stay. Open the garage door all the way and it should remain above header.
10How do I select the right garage door dealer?
The right garage door dealer really depends on preference of quality. We work with Hormann doors which is one of the best quality garage doors. The life of the garage door will last longer and work better.
11What safety features are important for my garage door?
The most important safety features for the garage door itself is making sure the door is balanced with torsion or extension springs. With extension springs always make sure to run safety cables. Always make sure you have eye protection when you are working properly with motor to safely move the door.
12What materials are garage doors made of?